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I know a lot of bloggers and people in general who make New Year's resolutions on New Year's Eve. Maybe they stick with them for a few months. Maybe a few weeks, or even just a few days. But eventually they'll forget about them until the end of the year when its time to make resolutions again. Every year they think "I'll do better next year!" I've been that person. To be completely honest, until this year I was that person. But, this year I decided I was going to do better. One of the ways I have decided to do better is to keep myself accountable. I've decided to check back on my resolutions and goals once a month to see how I'm doing and remember why I'm doing them in the first place. Last year was my first year officially in the flower business. My floral goal was to do 4 weddings in 2018. I ended up having the opportunity to do 5 weddings + an elopement, and so many other fun events too!

One of my main goals when starting LRFC last year was to make sure it was a budget-based flower business. This just means that I work based on my bride's budgets, rather than set prices, to try to help fulfill the vision of their big day! If you go to my bridal page, you'll notice that there are no prices listed. A lot of the time florists will have a set price at which they offer products. It's a good way to make sure you get paid what you want, but also can lead to some very sad brides who think they can't have wedding flowers because they can't afford them. I never want to tell someone "You can't afford me!" or "You can't afford wedding flowers!" Instead, a main goal of mine is to see how I can help make a bride's goal wedding come to life, and not have her go into debt for it in the process!

This year my floral goal is to do 8 weddings and 2 elopements. I also set other goals, like making some new vendor friends and starting to network more to build up my community. So far I have 1 wedding in the books, with 3 more in the works! I've already gotten to meet an amazing event coordinator and work with some fun unexpected new vendor friends too! (Including a stylist and a baker!) This year has just begun and now, a year after I officially started LRFC, it's so fun for me to look back at how far we've come and dream about how far we can go in the future!

Are you getting married this year? Do you know someone who is? Let me know if you want to help me reach my floral goal for 2019!

*Last year a big goal of mine was to work with an amazing photographer on a styled shoot. Here are some pictures from the shoot I fulfilled that goal on! If you are in Texas or California and need a photographer, I highly recommend Heather at Heather Buckley Photography! Since this shoot we've had another opportunity to work together and I can't wait to release those photos later this month!

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